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Advance Cyclery Tune-Up Options:

Extra Labor Charges May Apply for Parts Installation

Shop Rate is based on $70 and Hour


Complete Tune-Up: 70

  • Adjust Derailleurs
  • Adjust Brakes
  • Adjust All Bearings [Headset, Hubs, Bottom Bracket]
  • True Wheels
  • Tighten All Bolts & Quick Releases
  • Air Pressure Check [Tires & Suspensions]
  • Lube Drivetrain
  • Bicycle Wipe Down

Single Speed Tune-Up: 45

Advance Tune-Up: 250

  • Bike is Disassembled, Cleaned, Inspected and Prepared for Reassembly
  • Headset, Hubs, Bottom Bracket Overhauled
  • All Complete Tune-Up and Drive Train Cleaning Services Included

Single Speed Advance Tune-Up: 150

Drivetrain Cleaning: 60

  • All Drivetrain Parts Removed & Inspected
  • Parts Cleaned in Parts Cleaner
  • Parts Re-Installed & Adjusted
  • Includes Bicycle Wipe Down



Molten Speed Waxing: 100

  • All Drivetrain Cleaning Services
  • Chain then put in Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Chain then Waxed with Molten Wax in Slow Cooker
  • Includes Bicycle Wipe Down & Tune-Up

Chain Waxing is Good for 150 Miles

Re-Waxing: 20